Wordpress plugin: know the best option for you

What is word press?? Before we learn about wordpress plugin, let’s have a look at what is wordpress. Wordpress is one of the web software developers in 2003 which became very popular and powers 70 million users now because of its unique features and user friendly feature. Wordpress helps one to create its own website or blog.

How does best wordpress plugin work? Earlier while using the internet, one has to create their website in HTML----- which is a programming language which works utilizing ‘tags’ which are the instructions which formats texts, page layouts, images, and much more. Then the web browser reads the HTML code, interprets those tags renders it and then displays the particular page’s content. So, this was the huge long process which previously used to run. But today, one can simply just install the wordpress plugin software script on its own web server within a span of just 5 minutes..!!! Yes, just 5 minutes... No sooner one installed its own wordpress plugin they will create its own web page, using a very simple web-based editor and moreover without having learnt HTML also. Also added facility is a hosted version at WordPress.com which allows one to create a fresh and new Wordpress- powered website within a very small amount like some seconds…!!!! Why wordpress plugin?? Don’t know the complicated HTML? Want to have own blog or website? BUT..!!! Without HTML can’t make… No. One can make its own website along with their blog without knowing HTML by having best wordpress plugin which will help one to grow their own website at ease. Top wordpress plugin has innumerable themes, with high flexibility, avarious plugin which will ensure that the particular website or blog grows gradually along with the individual crossing all hurdles that come along its way.