What should you ask your massage therapist

The benefits of Prenatal Massage as well as other spa services are becoming very well known and hence many pregnant women go in for such services. However, before going in for a massage, you should know what to expect and ask the professionals certain questions. What should you ask the Pregnancy care center? You need to enquire with your Pregnancy care center if the massage therapist has any kind of prenatal specialty certification. Massage therapists who work with pregnant women should have special additional training. Also you could check that they have got some additional prenatal education in the last five years. You need to find out when your therapist got their certification and also how often they work with pregnant women. What type of positioning or bed is used? Prenatal massage Singapore is mostly done in a semi-reclining position. After the first trimester it is recommended that women are not in the prone position. Though some women do like to lie down in the prone position at home; a massage is not really recommended as it puts strain on the uterine ligaments and pelvic joints. What should you inform your therapist? You should inform your therapist of any particular sensitivities, allergies or discomforts. Also, if you have any specific needs you need to address that as well. Please do not go in for such massages if you are having a risky pregnancy or if you do so, it should only be with your doctor’s permission. When you visit your prenatal service, do not feel uncomfortable in voicing yourself. Your comfort is the most important factor. Only go in for this if you are totally at peace and like it. We suggest that you ask questions and speak up. It is also suggested that you do not go in for treatments like Microdermabrasion or Facial Peels during pregnancy. Similarly Wraps are not recommended either. click here for more information Post partum massage blog review