What are the benefits of sash windows?

Sash windowsLondon or double hung windows are highly in use in London. The traditional value of these windows has made them popular in London. There are a number of renowned companies selling these windows at alower price. But the fact is that the more dollars you will spend in the wooden and glasses the more durable your product will be.

Cheaper ones have less guarantee period and can end up damaging soon within years. Each window is meant to remain stable for at least 10 years. Most of the Victorian house had these windows because of the glazing look of the window. This article is based on the benefits and features of these double hung windows. Features of sash window • It comes with high-quality fasteners and brass lifts. • Traditional design. • Cords are used to holding theweight of the window. • Brass security stoppers. • Holes are made to resist moisture that might lead to damage. • Made in such a way to ensure optimal thermal insulation. • Glazed window panel. Benefits of using double hung windows • Have atraditional beautiful look.

 • You have the advantage of painting your window with any colour as per your choice. It is recommended to paint them white for a perfect look. • Sash window do not discolour. You can paint them at any time you want. • Because of the various parts, each part can be replaced if damaged. For this, you don’t have to change the whole structure. • Can remain undamaged for about 100 years. • The structure is built in such a way that hot air goes out and lets cool air to enter the house. • Different glazing options are available. The only thing that you have to maintain is that they need to be well maintained and cleaned properly. If not sash windows have the tendency to catch moisture that might destroy the whole wooden structure.