Vastu Remedies: Vastu Tips for Good Wealth

Making money can be easy but keeping the money or maintain your family’s wealth is not that easy. You have to know those vastu remedies to keep your family wealth at its best. The correct vastu can change your life, your wealth even your losing business or any unsuccessful work will convert into success and achievement.
• The entrance: The very first thing is to consider is the right position of your entrance door. An entrance followed by a long corridor is not proper as vastu. The entrance of your house must be broad and any clutter free. The door must be north or east facing that will let the happiness; wealth and prosperity enter into your house.
• Vastu remedies sleeping right way: Sleeping in a bound closed window room is not preferable. You need to sleep in an open air room. It is always good to open your bedroom windows at least for 20-30 minutes is good for your wealth.
 • Plant a money plant: Money plant is considered as the attraction of money and good health. You must plant a money plant in the north facing zone into your house. Also, the vase of the plant should be green in color. Other than the money plant a bamboo plant or a green field painting on the north facing wall is also brings wealth to the family.
 • Fish aquarium: Swimming fishes are known as the great way to bring success and finance to the house. Placing an aquarium in a south-east direction in the leaving room or in the north direction in any other room can be beneficial as crystal healing. Have the constantly active fishes in the aquarium.
• The mirror: To maintain good wealth, you must place mirror into your cash box that helps the good energy and money to come. Also, avoid having broken mirror or broken electric appliances those can be harmful to your wealth.