Overcome your addictions with the best AA alternatives!

Addiction of anything has never been very fruitful to mankind, and the problem is even worse if the addiction is of drugs or alcohol. This is the reason people are seen looking out for newer ways to overcome their problem of addiction. There are various remedies and therapies of this issue, and one of the most popular therapies is known as Alcoholics Anonymous or AA. The AA program is a 12 step approach where people sit in groups helping each other to recover from the addiction of alcohol or drugs. This therapy is undoubtedly the best and has helped a thousand of people significantly.

However, there are still some people who are somehow not convinced with the idea of AA and are looking out for some alternatives to AA. The best AA alternatives If you too are looking for more evidence-based and scientific way of recovery, then here are some of the alternatives to AA that can help you:
• LifeRing Secular Recovery- this recovery includes a peer to peer organization that mainly focuses on living in the present and positive advice. This recovery has a belief that everyone has the power to overcome their own addiction and emphasis on developing their own recovery approach and tools. • Rational recovery- it uses the addictive voice recognition technique to recognize the mental thought of a person. It provides a variety of learning material and is best for those who want to use practical skill to overcome the addiction. • SMART recovery- the self-management and recovery training is an educational and mental health program which focuses on changing the human behavior. It is best suited for those who wish to have evidence-based and smart recovery. There are various other AA alternatives too, but the one given above can be said as the best. So if you are looking for the alternatives then give a thought to the one mentioned.