Metabolism Regulation – Vital Factor to Burn Calories

Excess body weight is a common issue in the present time in developed countries and most developing countries. Many retrospective scientific research studies have published their outcome and some others are in progress. The purpose of these studies is to determine the probable reason for excess fat in the body and development of techniques that can be employed to get rid of this excess fat. The focus is on metabolism, a complex biochemical process by which a body converts food inputs into the energy or calories to perform body functions.

Metabolism and body weight Body metabolism has close relation with the body weight. Studies have shown that metabolism is about burning of calories to fulfil body’s energy needs, but slow metabolism can’t be taken as a reason for excess weight gain. Your body weight is influenced by other factors such as your diet as well as physical activity. There are other factors such as age, sex and body size and composition which are determinants of your metabolism. Males have more muscles and less fat and their metabolism is faster compared to females. Stout body men burn more calories. Metabolism also tends to go slow with increase in age. In women, metabolism is greatly influenced by post-menopausal hormonal changes and weight gain is a usual occurrence at that stage. Metabolism regulation Factors which are linked to body metabolism are one thing, but it is in your control to decide how you burn your calories every day. There are two ways – Diet planning and physical activity. Every function including food processing or thermogenesis and rest involves burning of calories. Physical activity is the best way to burn extra calories. If your work is not more of physical nature, you should do more workouts to burn your stored calories. Supplements like science based six pack can be helpful in metabolism regulation. But how? Science Based Six Pack contain natural organic ingredients which supports this process and boost metabolism for faster burning of calories which helps in the weight management.