Medical bill of great Racer Michael Schumacher reached $25.0 Million

It is almost three years Michael Schumacher has met with a freak accident during the French Alps. As all now he is a Formula One Racer of net worth $800 million is recovering slowly from his traumatic brain injury.

Michael Schumacher was born on January 1969 in Hurth nearby West Germany. He started his racing at six and won first club Championship. He continued racing and won many championships in European and German kart races. Till today he is considered the most successful and one of the best Formula One Driver. He has won World Driver Championship for seven times from 1994 to continuously till 2004. For some years when he was not in field, he had endorsements worth $50 million every year. At the peak of career he uses to get $10 million yearly by Shell for just wearing their logo hat on all public appearances. His peak carrier period was from 1991 to 2006 along with Ferrari and Jordan Benetton. In 2010 he came back with Mercedes GP.
In 2013, the fans of Formula One were praying and waiting to know about the health of Michael Schumacher. He suffered a very serious injury during the French Alps. He was in coma as medical terms because of brain injury. Since then he is on a slow path of recovery. On January 3rd he celebrated his 48th birthday. According to the last reports, Schumacher net worth is some around $780 million. Most of them are worried about his medical bills and health. He currently resides at Switzerland. He was one of the top paid athletes before his accident. In 2004 he got second ranked losing to Tiger Wood by small margin. In 2012, he ranked 20th on that same list. In 2015 his estimated net worth is moreover $780 million.