Magnetic Android Cable: Working, Do’s and Don’ts

Magnetic USB cable is a great concept which comes with added advancements in normal USB charger or cable. There are many variations available with different features to fulfill your USB cable demands. It comes with a magnet which is very easy to plug-in and pull-away. You don’t have to handle the device with one hand and hold cable with the other while plugging it in. It attaches automatically when in close proximities, because of the magnet. There are Several Magnetic USB cables available in the market like: • Magnetic Android Cable • Magnetic iPhone Cable, • Magnetic Samsung Cable Working with Magnetic USB Cable Mostly Android Magnetic cable allows charging at both ends but transfer data from one end only; however, there are several newer versions of cables available which can transfer data from both ends. You can use it anywhere, be it your car, your home or your office, and just make sure you have attached the correct end to the correct port. It is easier to use and perform multiple tasks at a single time.
Dos and Don’ts
 There are few do’s and don’ts which you should keep in mind wile handling your device with a Magnetic USB cable.
 1. Always check if your cable has authentic
 2.4A or above magnetic cable. 2. Check its compatibility across multiple devices
3. Always Use original driver for connecting with the device
 4. Magnet should neither be too strongnor to weak,always check
5. Check if it’s easy in handling with your device.
 1. Do not bend or try to change its original shape
2. Do not rub its connecting end with frictional surfaces ; it could damage your cable
 3. Do not force to connect it to device with incompatible sockets