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To do quality work, either at home or in the industry, you need to have good tools that provide help and allow us to finish all the work successfully. That's why Big Foot Tools is in charge of manufacturing the best pea shooter tool sale. We create the most versatile tools, adjusted to the needs of the client and that are durable, easy to use and with fairly affordable prices for each budget. Our pieces are totally original and made in the United States.

As of 2016, we innovate with the Big Be 10-1 / 4 "Worm Drive Beam Saws. This 10-inch saw has the latest Skil engine and we offer accessories for the SPT77w and the previous Skilsaw HD77 model. Thanks to the initiative of Robert Hutchings, this company has continued with the peashooter tool for sale worldwide. Almost 30 years ago, he was a pioneer in the industry, changing a blade of his 7-1 / 4 "Skilsaw saw to one that gave him more coverage. Since then and up to the present time, we have maintained ourselves with a team of professionals in carpentry, who work hard on how to make a peashooter with the advantages and qualities that our customers require. Our saw is suitable for cutting 4x headers, beams, posts 4x4 measures, 7 ½ "wood planks and double 2x sandwich heads in a single cut, saving a lot of energy and time to the user since it obtains excellent results with a movement. In addition to saws for woodworking, we also sell head cutters, handles, own tools and all the necessary accessories for optimal operation. The Big Foot Pea Shooter is a hammer able to penetrate narrow or high places, since its design allows it. It comes in 24 "and 36" and does not leave the nail heads protruding from the wood. If you want to know more details, enter at