How turmeric lowers cholesterol

The ultra pure turmeric has also been found to be able to lower cholesterol. Looking at the root of turmeric, asides the fact that it contains curcumin, it is a kind of perennial plant that belongs to ginger family. It has its origin from the Chinese, and is used to treat many infections. Looking at how it lowers the level of cholesterol in the human body.

Curcumin acts as messaging molecule in the sense that it communicates with the genes of the liver cells. This directs them in increasing the messenger protein production; this directs the LCD receptors creation. If the liver has more LCD receptors, it is able to clear bad cholesterol from the human body. It has been discovered according to study that anywhere the bod consumes more turmeric; the cholesterol level in that region greatly reduces when compared to the regions that are not receiving turmeric. Practically, there are ways to use the turmeric to improve or lower the level of cholesterol in the body. One can do this by using the ultra pure turmeric in your meat, fish and lentils, not only in these ones, but also on your healthy vegetables. Turmeric powder has more content of curcumin, which is better than the curry powder that many people use in their food. So, if you want your food to have a higher level of curcumin, use turmeric than the normal curry powder. It is not to lace your food with turmeric that makes it work, but as to use it as a health supplement. One has to do a bit of research when he or she wants to get the curcumin in his or her body. Turmeric powder also has a lot of benefit when it comes to the skin; some people apply it to their cuts and wounds directly for it to heal.